Mirror Mirror on the Wall…What do I See?

I would like to share a story about a man born blind who would by necessity sit alone in Jerusalem, the city where he had grown up. Because of his physical imperfection he was unable to work, being therefore forced to sit and beg from others for food and provisions. He had no control overContinue reading “Mirror Mirror on the Wall…What do I See?”

The Strategy and The Source

What is your strategy for day to day living, for achieving goals, for happiness? What is the source of your strength for day to day, or while pressing toward that goal, and for getting through true challenges, heartaches, and trials? Do you tend to rely on intellect, emotions, inner-strength, and will-power? Well if you do,Continue reading “The Strategy and The Source”

Once Upon a Chick-Flick Girl

“You complete me.” is a famous quote from a 1996 Tom Cruz movie. In the movie, the girl drops everything for the guy, while he doesn’t appreciate or treat her with respect until speaking these words. Suddenly, he thinks she is what is missing in his life. The movie Cinderella portrays the prince experiencing loveContinue reading “Once Upon a Chick-Flick Girl”