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Eating Disorders and Holidays

This is not one of my typical posts. However, I really feel lead to share and be real about what it is like for ladies with eating disorders (of any type) around the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays. I hope to give some hope to anyone who has an eating disorder. Perhaps this can…

Leslie Had a Little Lamb

(Part 2 of lessons from 4-H lambs) 4-H meetings and fair were absolute highlights of my summers growing up. Actually, they still are today! My first fair with those cute sheep that I had chosen was no exception. When we got to fair months later, I was confident that my lambs were great winners because…

Valuable lessons from 4-H Lambs

Part 1: Know My Voice Those of us who live in a temperate climate are anxiously awaiting spring and all the new life it brings. March came in like a lamb for us this year. But typical to Ohio weather, those nice warm temperatures didn’t yet stay. Spring, new life, and the thought of lambs…

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Psalm 40:1-3